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Cataract Consultation

Cataract ConsultationThe leading cause of vision loss in the world is cataracts.Fortunately there are enough skilled eye surgeons in the U.S. that very few people in America have permanent vision loss from cataracts.During your comprehensive eye-health examination at Cleburne Eye Clinic and Family Eye Clinic, the doctor will evaluate your eye for the presence of a cataract (or any other problem). If a cataract is detect, the doctor will explain how it is affecting your vision, and what the treatment options are.Many times a change in your glasses prescription is sufficient.However, sometimes surgical removal of the cataract may be the only way to improve your vision.Your doctor will educate you, and then you and your doctor will decide if and when surgery is right for you.

If you think that you may have cataracts, or would just like more information, make an appointment to visit with one of our doctors.