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Cleburne Eye Clinic
110 West Henderson St.
Cleburne, TX 76033

Family Eye Clinic
4460 E Hwy 287
Midlothian, TX 76065

Eyewear Gallery

Eyewear GalleryThe Eyewear Gallery at both locations offers something for everyone. With over 4000 frames in stock, we can offer everything from the latest designer fashions, to something for the budget minded. If you are in need of safety or sports eyewear, or just want a bold new look, we have all you need. Today’s frames come in a wide variety of materials, from the most durable plastics to the almost indestructible titanium. Our opticians will educate you on which styles and materials might best fit your vision needs and activities.

New technology strives to improve the function, durability and comfort of eyeglass lenses. Our team of certified opticians will keep you abreast of the latest lens innovations. From progressive (no-line) bifocals, to anti-reflective treatments, to polarized sun lenses, to the thinnest and lightest lens materials, we will help you select the lens options that best fit your lifestyle and vision requirements.

We have partnered with HOYA to provide the most innovative optical lenses on the market. Our certified opticians will take your specific needs into consideration. Over the past two years there has been a revolution in the computer controlled lathe process used in making optical lenses. Now problems with glare at night, eyestrain on the computer, and difficulty reading at near distances are virtually a thing of the past with the next generation HOYA Mystyle lenses.

And with our on-site trace-and-transmit technology, your new glasses will be ready in record time.

Eyewear Gallery