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Understanding LASIK Surgery

Lasers have been used to correct vision for more than 30 years. Over this time the advances in both lasers and computer technology have been remarkable. A quick Google search will result in thousands of pages offering stats, detailed technical jargon, and discount prices on laser vision correction. And, it is very important to research the surgery well before making a decision. However, we feel there is no better way to get information about LASIK than to talk directly to the doctor. We pride ourselves on giving the personalized education that you just can not get online. So if you are considering laser eye surgery, or any type of eye surgery, please come in and let us help you make your decision.

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The Doctors at Cleburne Eye Clinic and Family Eye Clinic have over 30 years of experience with refractive surgery. Our first laser surgery patients actually had their surgery done in Canada, before the FDA had approved the procedure in the U.S. We work with two surgeons that are nationally recognized for their achievements in laser eye surgery. They were even the first ones in the DFW metroplex to perform laser assisted cataract surgery. So if you are trying to decide if blade-free custom LASIK is right for you, come in and have all your questions answered.

To learn more about LASIK, please watch the video animations below.

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