Process of a Contact Lens Exam

Process of a Contact Lens Exam

Process of a Contact Lens Exam

Process of a Contact Lens Exam

Contact lenses can be a great alternative to prescription glasses. Most people with vision problems do not wear contacts as their primary means of vision correction. Some patients can wear them on special occasions, while others can have them daily. Thus, contact lenses offer flexibility.

If you opt to wear contacts, it is essential to get a proper fit. Hence, it is ideal to go for contact lens exams to ensure you get the best result. Contact lens exams are like standard eye exams with additional steps to ensure the contact lenses fit to give you clear vision. Below are the steps in the contact lens exam process.

Standard Eye Exam

A proper contact fitting and prescription begin with a thorough eye examination. Your doctor will review your health history then conduct standard eye tests to detect the status of the health of your eyes. 

If you still wear contact lenses, your eye doctor will examine the surface of your eyes. Doing so helps check whether the shape of your eyes has changed from wearing the contacts. After completing the examination, your doctor will proceed to the next step of the process.

Discussing Contact Lens Preferences

Your eye doctor will talk to you about your expectations and contact lens preferences. You may discuss eye color enhancement, overnight contacts, or daily disposable ones. Your doctor may talk to you about your eye comfort and vision problems if you currently wear contact lenses.

You may have issues such as dry eyes that can find relief by using a specific kind of contact lens. Your eye doctor may also discuss age-related vision changes such as presbyopia if you are a patient above the age of 40. Doing so can help in getting you contact lenses to address your problem.

Measurement of Eye Surface

To get a proper fitting of the contact lenses, your eye doctor will need to get a precise and accurate measurement of your eyes. You will need to have the curvature, iris, pupil, and surface of your eyes measured. A proper contact lens fit is essential for both vision correction and comfort.

Contact Lens Fitting

The final step of your contact lens examination is the fitting. Your eye doctor will give you a trial pair of contacts to examine whether they have a proper fit while you have them on. The doctor will carefully observe the movement and alignment of the lenses on the surface of your eyes.

After achieving and verifying a good fit, your eye doctor will conduct more tests to ensure you get the proper prescription. Once everything is optimal, your doctor will ask you to wear the trial lenses for about seven days.

You will need to come back for a follow-up examination to confirm that the contact lenses are working well. At that point, you can now order your supply of prescription contact lenses.

Follow Up Appointments

It is essential to attend your follow-up exams because contact lenses sit on the surface of your eyes. They are more complicated than wearing prescription glasses. Thus, follow-up exams are ideal to ensure you have proper vision correction and that the contacts are not causing any damage to your eyes.

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