Relieving Dry, Itchy Eyes

Relieving Dry, Itchy Eyes

Relieving Dry, Itchy Eyes

Relieving Dry, Itchy Eyes

The National Institutes of Health acknowledge that a large percentage of patients complain about eye itchiness and dryness. Their symptoms usually become worse, leading them to see their eye doctors for relief. Eye care providers tend to look for the root cause of the dryness and itchiness. Solutions provide either short-term or long-term results. If you are currently looking for dry and itchy eye relief, here’s what you should know.


Oral Medications


Eye specialists can prescribe oral medications that can relieve symptoms such as corneal and eyelid inflammation. These medications can also increase the production of natural tears to relieve the dryness in your eyes.


Punctal Plugs


These plugs usually accompany dry eye treatments. They help your tears stay on your eye surface longer. Each punctal plug is sterile and small enough to fit into your tear drainage openings (puncta). These tiny holes are found in the inner corners of your lower and upper eyelids. Once the plugs are in, your tears will not drain from your eyes. This makes your tear film stay longer on your eye’s surface. If ever you experience watery eyes from excessive tear film retention, your eye doctor can remove one or two of your punctal plugs.


Artificial Tears


If you have a mild case of dry eye syndrome, you can get quick relief from artificial tears. There are many brands of lubricating eye drops with varying levels of viscosity available in the market. Watery or thin artificial tears provide quick, fleeting relief without blurring your vision. The opposite of these drops is the thick eye drops that provide you longer eye lubrication. It is best to use thick artificial tears at bedtime. The thick lubrication will obstruct your vision during daytime activities.


Expression of Meibomian Glands


Insufficient oil or meibum from your meibomian glands can also cause dry, itchy eyes. Meibomian glands are found along your eyelid margins. Their openings are at the base of your eyelashes. When they clog up, they cannot give your tear film enough oil to prevent it from evaporating quickly. To bring out the oil, your eye doctor will perform meibomian gland expression. Using forceps, the hardened oils that block the openings will be squeezed out from your meibomian glands. This will allow normal oil flow that mixes with your tear film.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)


IPL can also treat blepharitis, which can aggravate your dry eyes. Through this treatment, only certain wavelengths are absorbed by your eyes’ widened blood vessels. This reduces your dependence on your artificial tears. Note that it takes four to six months before you achieve the maximum effects of your IPL treatment.


Steroid Eye Drops


These drops target the inflammation and irritation in your eyes. Experts usually prescribe steroid eye drops for short-term use to manage dry eye symptoms.


Dry and itchy eyes are often irritating. They can also affect your productivity and quality of life in a negative way. At Cleburne Eye Clinic, we can help decrease or even eliminate various eye and vision problems. Please visit our clinic in Cleburne, Texas, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 817-645-2411 if you want to set an appointment or make inquiries about our available treatments for dry and itchy eyes.



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