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Our Staff

Our Staff

Our Staff

Front Office & Administration

Our office is open 57 hours each week so that we are available when you need us. In addition, if you have an after hours eye emergency, our phone is answered 24 hours a day and one of our doctors is always on call. We accept most vision as well as medical insurance plans. Realizing that insurance plans can sometimes be difficult to understand, we will explain and help you maximize your benefits. Please call us anytime for the appointment time that would be most convenient for you.

Insurance and Billing

Insurance benefits can be very confusing. There are countless plans, all with different coverages, and submission criteria. At Cleburne Eye Clinic we accept both VISION and MEDICAL insurance plans, which can add to the confusion. However, we have an insurance department that is staffed with experts. These ladies are able to cut through the red tape and help you maximize your insurance benefits. No matter what your plan may be, they have the experience to help you understand your coverage.

Optometric Technicians

Para-optometric technicians have numerous roles at each office. They must keep the doctors on schedule as well as collect testing data from each patient, and dispense and order contact lenses. Our certified para-optometrics have been highly trained and tested in their knowledge of eye care and the ability to perform the tasks needed to give you the most thorough eye examination possible.


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